V. P. International

Embellished Scarves

Embellished Scarves

We are one of the most prominent Embellished Silk Scarves Manufacturers from India. Our Embellished Scarves are designed accordance to the latest trends. Our Embellished Scarves are available in fabulous designs and prints as per latest market trends. Our Embellished scarves are priced at very competitive prices.

  • VPEM-1 Embellish

  • VPEM-2 Embellish

  • VPEM-3 Embellish

  • VPEM-4 Embellish

  • VPEM-5 Embellish

  • VPSC-205 Embellish

  • VPSC-220 Embellish

  • VPSC-300 Embellish

  • VPSC-320 Embellish

  • VPVF-344 Embellish

  • VPVL-323 Embellish